Grief & Bereavement Support for Children & Youth

At Kemp Care Network, we understand that children and youth experience grief differently from adults. We offer a safe place for various grief programs designed for young minds. Through games, cooking, art and storytelling, kids of all ages bond through shared experiences and learn essential life skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Why Would I Need It?

Children process grief in their own way, often quite differently from adults. Our mission is to provide a safe space for children to express their emotions, share experiences and develop healthy coping strategies. However, just like adults, children find support, validation and a sense of belonging by connecting with peers who have faced similar losses.

How to Get Started

To begin your child’s grief support journey with Kemp Care Network, as a guardian you can sign them up for one of our Children’s Grief & Bereavement Programs (see below). If you are unsure which one is right for you or your child, our team will guide you through our available programs and get them started on the path toward healing.

Our Programs

Grief Counselling for Children & Youth

Our team of counsellors offer one-to-one counselling for children and youth ages 5-17 years old. All counselling sessions are offered at no cost.

Grief Groups for Children & Youth

Our specially trained volunteers, along with our child and youth worker, provide a variety of bereavement groups for children and youth (ages 7-17) to share experiences and discuss variety of topics related to each individual's grief journey.

Camp Keaton

Camp Keaton is a bereavement camp designed for children and youth aged 7–17 who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, friend or someone important to them.

The Burger Box

A customizable grief kit to support children, youth and their families through their grief journey. All boxes are free of charge thanks to generous donations from our community.

Family Nights

The Kemp Care Network provides a place for children, youth and their guardians to come together. Through participation in facilitated peer groups, they find understanding, stability and support.

KCN Community Cookbook (Submissions Open)

KCN Community Cookbook The kitchen is the heart of every home where memories are made and families are brought together. This project aims to share the love of food in […]

Our Approach

Specialized Expertise

Our social workers, child and youth workers, and volunteers have built high-quality, specialized care for the unique needs of grieving children, helping to provide comfort and support to both the child and their family during this difficult time.


We recognize that every child’s grief journey is different. Our team is here to listen to, support‌ and guide them through these complex feelings and experiences. Family nights, activity boxes, counselling and grief groups are all ways we approach children facing a death of someone important to them.

Healing Together

Kemp Care Network aims to provide a place for children, youth and their guardians to come together. Through participation in one of our programs, they will be able to enhance understanding, stability and support.


Volunteering with Kemp Care Network is about more than giving your time. It is about making a difference in someone's day.

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