Grief & Bereavement Programs

We offer a range of programs to help support adults, children, youth and families on their grief journeys. Our programs are designed to provide comfort, understanding‌ and healing during challenging times.

About Our Programs

Supportive Space

We offer a safe and supportive space for individuals of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to navigate their grief journey. We provide compassionate guidance to help you cope with your loss.

Your Unique Journey

Whether you are an adult dealing with the death of a significant person or have a child who is grieving, our programs offer age-appropriate support to address your unique needs.

No Cost

Thanks to our generous donors, Kemp Care Network's grief programs are available at no cost to patients or their families, and community members, making sure that everyone can access the help they need.

For Adults

Explore our grief and bereavement programs designed to support adults on their journey through grief. Our programs provide comfort and understanding during the most challenging moments in life.

For Children

Discover our grief and bereavement programs tailored to children and youth. We offer age-appropriate support and resources to help young individuals navigate their grief journey.

children in the camp

Camp Keaton

Learn about Camp Keaton, a specialized bereavement camp designed for grieving children and teenagers. Through outdoor and grief-based activities, children find healing and connect with peers who understand their loss.

Understanding the Costs

Grief and bereavement programs at Kemp Care Network are offered at no cost to participants, making sure that support is accessible when needed most.

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Personal Costs

Our grief programs aim to eliminate personal costs by offering free, compassionate support for individuals and families facing the challenges of grief. As our services are supported with donors and funding, know that getting to and from our hospice is the only associated cost you will encounter when accessing this care.
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Funding is essential to keep our grief and bereavement programs running. Generous donations, grants‌ and community support allow us to offer these vital services to individuals and families in need. Your support helps us make a difference in the lives of those dealing with grief.

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