Residential Hospice Palliative Care

Residential hospice palliative care takes place in our 10-bed, home-like building on Hamilton's West Mountain. We provide care with a focus on symptom management, memory making, dignity and saying the softest of goodbyes to loved ones in their last days, weeks and months of life.

What We Do

Comprehensive Care

We address the physical and emotional‌ needs of our residents and their families – a-whole-family approach with a focus on living the highest quality of life.

Specialized Approach

Always resident focused, hospice palliative care uses an approach where medical excellence is standard, but dignity, comfort, connections and preparing for your legacy are just as important. This includes music and art therapy or supportive counselling.

Better Quality of Life

Whether you feel like relaxing in front of a fireplace, having a gathering in the great room, sharing a bowl of soup in the kitchen or watching the birds in your private suite, your days are full of your wishes and what brings you and your loved ones comfort.
A palliative care patient in bed being comforted by a friend

How can Hospice Care Help?

Hospice palliative care is one option available to everyone. There are several ways that it differs from palliative care in other settings, such as home and hospital. For centuries, hospices has been a home away from home where priorities are placed on medical excellence, dignity, comfort, & allowing memory making in one's last chapter. In our modern hospice, we have expanded on those original values and included wrap-around care, including psychosocial care. Families consistently report hospice allowed family members relief from the burdens of caregiving.

A young girl hugging a palliative patient while family looks on

When can hospice care help?

It is traditionally acknowledged that one may consider residential hospice care at a time when they are facing their last days, weeks and months. While the complexity of appropriate timing should always be discussed with your care team, hospice may specifically elevates caregiver hardships, pain and symptoms, and is never an alternative for long-term care.

nurse is holding patient hand

Getting Started

Whether you, your family, or your care team has identified that hospice might be right to explore, we encourage you to reach out as early as you feel comfortable. Three residential hospices exist in Hamilton and we are pleased to share a bit more about Dr. Kemp's House and how you may connect to our community. First, explore our website and the different ways that might be most appropriate for you to take your next steps. Second, request a tour and submit a referral.

A suite at Dr. Bob Kemp hospice


There are several places you can start when considering a referral for either you or a loved one. While ultimately the referral for any hospice in Hamilton must be sent by Ontario Health’s Home and Community Care Support Services, the referral can reach the gateway from:

  1. Home and Community Care Coordinator
  2. Palliative Community Outreach Team (PCOT)
  3. Hospital care team (doctor, nurse, social worker)
  4. Your family primary care team (family doctor)

While every attempt is made to review the referral quickly and on a priority basis, there are at least 2-5 days between review of the referral and coordination of possible admission.

Here are a few ways that we attempt to provide a transparent admission system based on need and equity:

  1. Review/ assessment is conducted by an Advance Practice Nurse
  2. Priority is based on the need for admission, priority is given to those at home first, hospital second and then LTC/other palliative care settings.
  3. Admission is based on prognosis less than 3 months, pain and symptom burden, goals of care are appropriate for admission

Understanding the Costs

Personal Costs

With residential hospice palliative care in Ontario, there are no direct personal costs for our residents or their families. Kemp Care Network is committed to providing comprehensive care that does not impose financial burdens. Our aim is to alleviate the stress and financial worries often associated with serious illnesses, allowing you to focus on your well-being and that of your loved ones.


Kemp Care Network's ability to provide compassionate care to patients and their families in the Greater Hamilton Area is made possible through a combination of government support, partner funding and donations. The generosity of individuals and organizations in our community is instrumental in sustaining our mission. Donations play a significant role in covering the costs of residential hospice care and furthering our ability to provide support and comfort to those in need.

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