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Support Kemp Care Network by hosting a fundraising event in your community! 

About Hosting

We are so grateful for the generosity of individuals in our community who use their time and resources to hold fundraisers on our behalf. Fundraising events can take on so many forms, and we at Kemp Care Network are here to help you every step of the way. Read the info-sheet and fill in the intake form.

Our Resources

Two women wearing runner numbers on their clothes pose with the Hamilton Bulldogs mascot at a fundraising event


We have a vast network of volunteers to contact if you need extra helping hands to get your event going.


We have a great community on social media, or a website with an events page on which we can post your event to help raise awareness and get more people involved.


Have an idea but need help figuring out where to start? We have the expertise to help you make your fundraising idea a reality. Fill in the intake form and we can get started.

Event Ideas

Close-up of cookies in trays being sold at a bake sale

Plan a Bake Sale

Do you love baking but never have enough people to give your treats to? Why not host a bake sale to raise money for Kemp Care Network?

Potluck Dinner

Attendees can donate to participate and encourage guests to bring a dish to share. This creates a friendly atmosphere where people can connect and learn more about Kemp Care Network in an accessible way.

Sell Your DIYs

Whether you are a painter, woodworker or anything in between, if you have a passion for making things by hand, why not sell them and donate the proceeds?

Neighbourhood Yard Sale

Clearing out some things in your house? Why not plan a community yard sale and raise some money? Get your neighbours involved and do good together!

Return Your Empties

Clear out the empty beer, wine and spirit bottles for a good cause! When you bring your empties to any Beer Store location, you will receive some cash back, which can be donated.
An over-the-shoulder look at a group of people on a virtual call

Virtual Fundraiser

Consider hosting a virtual run/walk, a video gaming stream or a virtual trivia night supporting Kemp Care Network. Charge a pay-what-you-can donation fee to access the event and donate the proceeds.

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