Grief Counselling for Children & Youth

The Kemp Care Network offers individual conversation-based counselling support for youth ages 5-17. Group supports are offered for both youth ages 7-17.


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The Grief and Bereavement Team at Kemp Care Network is here to support clients through their grieving journey. Understanding the uniqueness of each of our clients and the notion that everyone grieves differently, we want to meet our clients where they are in their grief, hear their stories, and work alongside them.

Our Scope

Our services consist of conversation based counselling and supports for those grieving the death of someone. This service is offered to those who reside in the Hamilton area. This is offered through a trained KCN staff, students, or volunteers.

We use grief based practices such as activities and education to support those we see, with a safe space to express themselves. This aims to support them in understanding their thoughts and feelings after the death of their person.

Kemp Care Network does not offer crisis, or emergency based counselling. 1:1 counselling (no family counselling) services are offered to those who are not actively receiving outside counselling, therapy, grief, or non grief related. All 1:1 supports are accessible only to those actively residing in the Hamilton area.

All counselling sessions are offered at no cost. They can be held in-person, by phone, or virtually.

For questions, please contact Kathryn Turco BACYC. (OACYC), Child and Youth Counsellor on 905-387-2448 ext. 2205. 

By filling out this form, you will be submitting a request to receive 1:1 support. Unfortunately due to high demands, we can not give a set time frame for when you will be able to be seen. Our team will review your request and will be in contact with you as soon as a spot becomes available for services to begin.

1:1 Counselling Requests (For Children and Youth – Ages 5-17)

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Hamilton Spectator Reader's Choice Awards 2020 award for Bereavement Counselling


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